My projects

Here is an overview of the projects I've done so far. I did not add every single side project, but just the most interesting ones. If you want to see more of my projects, have a look at my GitHub.


I love spending time on devRant, and they're very open to projects using their API. So when I heard about that I started creating an API wrapper in Java. The first iteration was a fun little project, but it went on to be my guinea pig for continuous integration and Maven deployment.


As a part of Debian-kickstart, I wanted to be able to install extensions for the GNOME Shell. Normally this can only be done via, so I decided to write my own CLI tool for it. It's my first project in go, so it was also a nice learning experience in that sense.


I am someone who likes to use Linux for everything other than gaming, and I've mostly stuck with Debian. As I've had to (re)install my pc/laptop quite a few times I've created a set of scripts to help speed up that process. This way when I just did a fresh install of Debian all I need to do before I can start working is run a script that sets up my machine.

My custom CMS

Unfortunately I don't really have a proper name for this yet, so for now I keep referring to it as "the CMS". It's a custom-made CMS built for the CodeIgniter PHP framework, designed to be minimalistic, lightweight and easily customizable. It's also what I use as the backend for most of the sites I create, including Scorpiac.

A stylish website I created for dog grooming salon Amelie. This is also the first website where I tried to use a custom-made CMS, which eventually became the basis for my custom CMS I use to this day.


A fun project which started because I was playing around with the brainfuck programming language. BrainSharp is a brainfuck to C# transpiler, meaning it takes in brainfuck code and generates a C# program from it. It can also save the C# source or executable, or execute it directly.

Lambda Wars

This was an assignment from university, where we had to make an asteroids-like game in Haskell using the Gloss graphics library. To this day I still like how it turned out, as it plays quite nicely.